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How to Test DNS on a Server

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    • 1). Point your browser to an online DNS test site. Links to some of these sites are provided in the Resources section.

    • 2). Type in an IP address or domain into the text field on the screen. Some sites ask for IP addresses while others request domain names.

    • 3). Click the "Submit", "Test" or similar button to trigger the test. This will bring up a results page.

    • 4). Read the results page. A properly functioning DNS will provide information on the IP address or domain name. Some pages will give a short answer after running the IP address or domain name through the DNS. It may tell you the DNS functioned and detected that the IP address is Legal. Other more detailed sites will let you know the DNS is functioning and give you many facts about the domain or IP address such as when it was last updated or the IP of address of a domain name or vice versa.

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