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Problems Using Acrobat 9 Pro With Word 2003

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    • Adobe Acrobate is a software that allows users to view and even create PDF files. PDF stands for portable document format. This software is made to work with other programs so users can convert their work into a widely accepted format. However, as of now there is no way convert files made with Word 2003 into a PDF unless you use a third party program.

    Problems Opening PDF Files With Outlook and Windows 2003

    • If you are using the emailing program Outlook 2003 with Adobe Acrobat 9 you may run into a problem with embedding files in your emails. This is only the case if the files in question are from Word 2003. The problem occurs when you select a pdf file in an email before opening it. Upon trying to print the file you should see a window pop up and say "There was an error opening this document." To get around this issue, users should first open the file from the email. Then go into the actual Adobe Acrobat program and choose "File"; then "Print."

    Adding Alternative Text of Graphics

    • Alternative text is simply visuals or graphics explained via writing. The visual aides or graphics are put into words next to the actual graphic so that people with visual disabilities can at least take note of them. Alternative text also helps web search engines find certain websites. If you are converting a pdf, make sure you do not put the alternative text too close to the graphic it explains as this will cause conversion issues. Make sure there is a white space between the writing and the graphic. To successfully add the alternative text, click on the "Web" tab and find the "Alternative Text" option.

    Indirectly Converting Word 2003 Files into PDF

    • Since there is no direct way to convert files made with Word 2003 into a PDF, you usually need to download a program to do the conversion for you. Some of the more popular programs include the Primo PDF converter and the Do PDF converter. For those in a hurry, PDF online can do the conversion for you without downloading a program. Before converting your work into a PDF, you should try to make all the necessary edits. It is much harder to alter the file once it has become a PDF. Open the file to be converted and go under print options. Select "all to PDF" in the printer's list. Now, select a location to save the program to and click convert.

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