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Video: Tattoo Care & Peeling

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Video Transcript

Alright now I'm going to tell you about peeling. It is a very normal process during your tattoo after about four or five days to a week after your tattoo has been done, if it has been taking care of well, it is going to start peeling. It is basically the top layer of your skin shedding off. During the tattoo, that whole top layer of skin pretty much gets destroyed. It is kind of like a sunburn, your body just needs to fix it. So it drops that top layer of skin off. It will flake, it will look you know, like dried skin coming off. You don't want to pick at this stuff. If you grab a piece and you pull it, you might pull some skin off that is not quiet ready to go, you can form a new scab, you can tear ink out of your skin. So just leave it alone, if it really annoys you and you want to get rid of it, you can wash your arm, washcloth will remove a lot of this stuff. You can take your hand dried and rub it on your skin and that will break it up a little bit. But basically don't pick the peeling and don't freak out. I mean like I said, if it looks strange and you are worried, you can call your tattoo artist and talk to them about it, but it is normal.
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