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The Best Free Fantasy MMORPGs

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    • Online players face each other in MMORPGs.joystics image by Adam Borkowski from Fotolia.com

      MMORPGs, short for "massively-multiplayer, online role-playing games," are a popular choice for modern gamers, since they provide human opposition rather than predictable AI. With thousands of such games on offer, it can be a little daunting trying to find the right game to commit to. Free fantasy is one of the most popular genres of MMORPGs around, but with a handful of standout games.


    • "Planetarion" was one of the first MMORPGs to achieve both critical acclaim and popularity. The game is set in space, with players assigned to a specific home planet that becomes their own. Initially the task is to develop the planet with infrastructure, like a typical construction sim, but as you progress, the universe around you gains more depth. Inter-spacial travel allows for alliances with other planets in your system and once you are part of a clan, the fun truly begins. Clans made up of hundreds of planets constantly attack each other in the game, with fleets made up of thousands of ships. This provides intense combat action and strategic situations that test the hardest of gamers.


    • "RuneScape" is one of the most popular MMORPGs available for free, with a massive world that encompasses millions of players. The game's format is a standard dungeons and dragons setting, with various characters inhabiting a medieval realm of magic, monsters and warriors. Players must strategically choose a specific character, using his skills to then expand his abilities and defeat his rivals. The game is played in a browser with some 3D graphics. Although the graphics are not incredible, the gameplay and the sheer size of the world you inhabit creates an environment with constant interaction, challenges and combat.

    Guild Wars

    • "Guild Wars" is a game focused specifically on strategic combat scenarios. Players take control of and develop a warrior, achieving special skills and techniques for him by completing missions and gaining points. There are two modes of play, either a simple versus format, where online players face each other in direct combat for points, or a more prolonged campaign scenario, with teammates. Many players play both simultaneously, so they are not exclusive of each other. The game is highly strategic, so get ready to learn all of your fighter's moves and skills. It is essentially a career mode for warriors, with the aim of becoming the most respected warrior in the game world.

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