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How to Weather German Helmets

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    • 1). Glue the old decals onto the German helmet. It doesn't matter what is on them because they will be rubbed off in the weathering process.

    • 2). Fold the chain together so that you have a 1-foot length and hold it by the ends. Hold the helmet out in front of you with your other hand. Swing the chain repeatedly toward the helmet to weather all areas on the surface, including the areas covered by decals.

    • 3). Set the helmet down on a flat surface, and run the chain back and forth and front to back over the helmet to create nicks and rough spots in the surface.

    • 4). Scrub the helmet with a wire brush, paying attention to grommet areas and where the chin strap connects to the helmet. Run steel wool over the decals and small spots to create a polished, burnished area that is a different color from the rest of the helmet. Sand these areas with rough sandpaper to dull the shine. Sand the chin strap to break up the leather fibers and remove some of the leather coloring.

    • 5). Set the helmet down on a work bench. Hammer the rim area, ear area and the back edges of the helmet to add dents and small dings. Turn the hammer over and run the claw part of the head across the helmet surface to create deep scratches.

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