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Happiness Means Going Beyond Expectations

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Happy people see a bigger world filled with endless possibilities that most people never get to see.
They expand their vision beyond what they know and accept.
You see what you expect to see.
Nothing different enters your reality.
Events go as you plan them in your mind.
If you always seek the same results how can you find anything new, exciting and different for you? You see what you accept to see.
You define what's allowed in your reality.
You cannot know what is truly there unless your world does share a bigger view than what you're used to Step out of your story.
Realize the glory of life.
Each day brings you more to explore, to learn and to grow.
When you let it, every moment enriches you so very much, giving you new seeds to sow.
Ah, but you have to live consciously to see those opportunities.
They surround you all the time yet most go unnoticed lest you find the time to stop and look in new ways.
Then, and only then, you will see what now is invisible to you.
You can choose to see beyond your expectations.
When you decide to, you will include more than what you accept as real or even possible in your world.
Most people say they want to change.
Yeah, right.
They simply give lip service to their wishes and dreams with no intention of changing anything.
Why? For them life seems hard and the effort to create any changes whatsoever seem like way too much effort.
They think the price of change is far too great.
Stepping out of their comfort zone means more than they are willing to take on.
You see, most people are not willing to rearrange their thoughts and actions.
Most people will not take a chance on leaving their comfort zone and seeming satisfaction with what is as it is right now.
They decided ho hum is okay-not great but okay.
And so they settle making a non-verbalized agreement with themselves to keep living the way they do now.
You can read the books and take actions you already agree with.
And nothing ever changes.
How can it when all you do is look for support of how you already live? Or would it be more accurate to say how you get by day to day because what you do is not really living life full out? Nothing ever changes until you change.
When you step out on the limb where you've never been that is where you will find the fruit you never tasted.
And your life will change.
Oh goodness how your life will change! I guarantee your life will change.
You will smile lots more and live in happiness.
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