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You"re Being Groomed for Greatness

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Going through transitional phases of any kind is not easy.
Whether you're changing careers, launching your business, starting over in a relationship, confronting new and difficult circumstances, or any number of things--none of it is easy.
When you're in transition, you're in an "in-between-stage.
" Rather than getting frustrated and upset, you need to ask God, "Lord, please help me to be strong in the meantime, and help me to endure my in-between-time.
" You're just being groomed for greatness! You have to know deep in your heart that you're indeed on your way to something new and better.
However, the journey will sometimes be scary, long, and arduous.
The stakes will seem higher and the tests seem harder.
I dare say, the tests ARE harder and the stakes ARE higher, and it's all because God is taking you to a new level in your life.
He's getting you ready to operate on a much greater level.
You're going to walk into new places.
That's why He has to teach you how to be stronger, sharper, and more skillful.
Stop focusing on where you are and begin to see where you're going.
Even though you don't understand it all now, later, you'll look back on this and thank God.
You'll say, "If I hadn't gone through that, I wouldn't be ready for this.
" He's smoothing out those rough edges.
He's preparing you to walk right into your wealthy place, your place of prosperity and wholeness.
So, keep in mind that this discomfort is temporary and you'll grow past it.
Don't hop off the bandwagon prematurely.
"This too shall pass.
" I wonder; have you ever experienced the frustration of trying to "grow your hair back out" after cutting it? It goes through that weird in-between-length, right? It's not exactly short.
It's not exactly long.
The layers have grown out, so it doesn't really do that much.
Most of us end up cutting it off again, simply because we don't have patience to allow our hair to grow past this temporary stage.
We forget all the reasons why we want to let it grow.
All we can focus on is the fact that, "this stuff is getting on my nerves...
I can't do anything with it.
" Before we know it, all of our vows to let it grow have been tossed out the window.
Similarly, when we're going through changes in our lives, we often have difficulty enduring the times of uncertainty and apprehension we feel.
We get frustrated with the "meantime" and we just want the "right time" to hurry up and come.
We want everything to happen right now.
We don't want to hear about "the waiting process.
" Listen to me.
You can never get to the place you envision for yourself, unless you first go through the process it takes to get there.
Growth takes time.
Victory doesn't always come overnight.
It may take longer than you want it to.
But if you stay on the path God has laid out for you, you'll reach your destination.
You'll get there just in time.
It'll be precisely the right time, because it'll be God's time.
If you can maintain, you will obtain.
Obtain what? All that God has for you! Stay the course.
Open your eyes and see the light at the end of the tunnel.
It may seem to be far off in the distance; but if you keep traveling in the right direction, no doubt, you'll run right into it.
And you'll say like the older saints say, "My soul looks back and wonders how I got over!" Until next time .
may you be empowered to prosper!
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