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About Proform Treadmills

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    • Proform treadmills are one of the most popular treadmill companies in the market today. Proform is the number one seller of treadmills. Proform is actually parented by a company called Icon Health and Fitness that also sells Reebok, Weslo and Nordic Track. Icon Health and Fitness also specializes in cardiovascular equipment. Perhaps a big reason for its popularity is because it prides itself on having a large selection of equipment under the $1,000 mark.


    • Proform treadmills have been under scrutiny in the fitness world for quite a while for their inability to deliver a quality product. Some of these complaints range from faulty motors to poorly lubed belts coming out of the factory to the belts giving off a foul smell when in operation. Proform has also been accused of having bad customer service. With that being said, it still holds strong as one of the treadmills of choice across the population. One key thing to note is, they are designed as a starter treadmill. They're not designed to take a pounding for high intensity running. This could be a reason there are a lot of complaints from people expecting something else when they buy them.


    • Proform CrossWalk

      In addition to treadmills, Proform also boasts a selection of other product extensions such as ellipticals, bikes, free weights and vibration plates. The treadmills come in a host of different styles and price points. Below is a list of a few of the most popular models in order from the most to least expensive, just to give a rough idea of price. Oftentimes, it is price that people base their buying decision on, with quality being a close second. So this might shed some light on buying decisions.

      ProForm iLog 750--$1899.
      ProForm Perspective ES--$1249. This one has a 7-inch flat screen TV.
      ProForm 9.0 Competitor--$849. This one has a quick speed control on it.
      ProForm CrossWalk 300--$499. This one actually has upright body arms to incorporate the upper body as well. It is pictured below.


    • There is an old saying that goes "If you buy cheap then you get cheap." This is something that must be taken into consideration when purchasing the right treadmill. Regardless of the version, it is always a good idea to do monthly maintenance and always fill out and send in warranties. This will add a further safeguard in the event something should go wrong.

    Expert Insight

    • Regardless if it is the cheapest model or the most expensive, the Proform treadmill is still functional. It just depends on what is the intention for purchasing it. For example, if high intensity running is the purpose, then the lowest grade version wouldn't be advisable. These types would be more designed for maybe cardiac rehab patients or recreational joggers. If sprinting and higher intensity running is going to be the game plan then perhaps Proform is not the way to go. Remember, they are more or less a starter treadmill and they should be treated as such.

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