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Dealing With Asthma

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It is important to know what an asthma attack looks like in order to be able to properly deal with it. It can come on suddenly and surprisingly. An attack will usually consist of coughing initially and then there will often be wheezing. Quit often people will have pain in the chest area and it will feel tight. The issue that defines an asthma attack is difficulty breathing and is something that is impossible to ignore.

Anytime that there is an issue with breathing it can be incredibly scary to both the person having the experience and whoever is with them. The best thing to do anytime someone is having an asthma attack or trouble breathing is to call 911. Hopefully if the individual does have asthma they will have a rescue inhaler with them at the time. There is not much that you can do for someone that is going through this besides those two things. When the airways get constricted it is really hard to get any air in there.

Of course, there are varying degrees of asthma attacks and most people who have experienced even one usually seek out a physician to help them manage their symptoms. Most who suffer from asthma keep an asthma inhaler with them at all times and some also find that taking cortical-steroids on a regular basis helps them to keep the number of attacks down. For some they deal with mild asthma symptoms everyday and for others they just suffer from an occasional flair up that comes on quickly and only last for a short period of time.

Asthma most commonly affects children and in the United States alone asthma affects more than 10% of children and is the primary cause of chronic illness in the younger population. Asthma can begin at any age and for most children who experience it the first asthma attack usually begins prior to the age of five. And while asthma affects predominately children many of whom whose symptoms improve over time, this is an illness that can and does affect the adult population as well.

Since children in general are more prone to respiratory illness parents very often have difficulty recognizing the signs and symptoms of a smaller scale asthma attack as it may present as bronchitis or something along these lines. It is a good idea to have your children checked out regularly and to make sure that if they experience any symptoms such as shortness of breath, wheezing, or tightness in their chest that you have them examined by a physician to determine if they have asthma. If they do you may need to pick up a rescue inhaler just in case they have an asthma attack when you are out an about. Although uncomfortable, asthmatics can lead a normal life and can participate in physical activity as long as they keep their rescue inhaler available just in case.

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