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Picking Up Chicks Designing A Lifestyle For Social Proof

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You may be wondering how other guys hooked up with the chicks they really want and not just an ordinary chick but the kind that every guy fancies about. Stop asking yourself and get rolling instead. There are certainly no mantras to picking up chicks. All you have to do is to learn the clever guys tricks to picking up chicks. Remember, you really dont have to be that striking beau with great abs and toned muscles just like a David Hasselhoff in Baywatch. Getting the chick that you really want makes you feel good about yourself and this article helps you through that with these useful tips.

Get Your Own Life

Most girls feel smothered when guys cling to them just like a leech. Being too clingy is definitely a big turn off for the majority of the female population. Nonetheless, there are a few who prefer clingy guys maybe because they might have some insecurities or they simply want to be the domineering kind but generally, chicks dont want you to be clingy. Thus, you have to get your own life. Foster your own social circle engage in sports and in other worthwhile activities. These tips would greatly assist you in picking up chicks because women are attracted to guys who can manage to get and live their own lives.

Impress Her with Your Antics

While it is true that there are countless ways to impress a girl, not all of these may work wonders for you since every chick is unique. The bottom line is that, you dont need pretenses and you can just be yourself. You may have some unique abilities that you can flaunt to the chick and impress her. However, you need not brag about all your achievements because that would sound too cocky. You can also leave an air of mystery and let the girl discover about them. This would make her even more impressed and boost your chances in picking up chicks.

Befriend Her

At this point, you need to forget the notion of falling in love with a stranger. Girls dont just fall for total strangers. You might have seen that in movies and strangers magically fell for each other but your life is no movie. You have to do something to get an inch closer to the girl that you truly want. The pursuit to befriending a girl can be quite tough but of course theres a way through that. It may even start with a simple smile every time you bump into each other in the corridor.

Once you have already established a good rapport and build friendship with the girl, you can get to know her more and take your relationship to different horizons. But of course, you have to make it clear to her that you want more than just the friendship. Apart from that, you should understand that picking up chicks is different from having a serious relationship. Picking up chicks does not involve any obligations and you can retreat anytime you feel uneasy with the situation. However, you can also take the relationship to a higher level if you wish to.
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