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Moroccan Rugs - A Handmade Wool Art

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Moroccan rugs are the most stylish and beautiful rugs, give extreme look to your home deor. This type of rug totally hands woven and organic.

We can divide Moroccan rug family in five major categories and this is based on Moroccan civilization and the techniques of weaving.Here are some categories

Killim Rug: This is the oldest rug in Moroccan family, this rug shows glimpse of6th century according to historians. Because design and art is matched from sixth century and killim flat woven tapestry has spread in North America and nomadic clan developed Killim rugs and adjust their rough desert life.

Beni Ourain: This kind of rug developed by Berber tribes in North Africa, this rug gives the typical vintage look. Beni ourain are normally weaved through white wool and it shows the direct link to the starting nomadic weaving traditions.
Generally beni ourain carpet design inspired by diamond look because design made from relatively fine black lines on white background.

Royal rug: This is the most esteemed rug from Morocco; some historians compare it to Iranian rugs. This Persian introduced by the Gharnatis, who were discharged from Andalusia fifteenth century. The royal rug known for its wide beautiful border and it's decorated around a free central texture motive. Before execution of an intricate and decent masterpiece the most important thing is selection of colors.

The Antique family: When connected to Moroccan tapestry, the expression "Antique" portrays more than just the section of time. Obsolescent Moroccan floor coverings are gems that were made after the 1950's with the best quality hand-spun fleece and vegetable colors. The most senior existing Antique Moroccan Rugs might be dated as far over as the 17th century throughout the standard of the Saadi Dynasty in Morocco and offer for $10,000 or more. Acknowledging in quality while remaining a multifaceted piece, Antique Moroccan Rugs are recognized to be ventures that could accumulate over numerous eras. The gatherers of such remarkable pieces esteem their verifiable vitality and they recognize their Antique Rugs as an extension to Morocco's bounteously rich past.

The Glaoui family: These Moroccan carpets start from the Atlas Mountains and utilize a blending of flatweaving and heaping systems. The fleece and colors used to make this sort of mats are all-common and the outline itself comprises of a mix of independently heaped examples, united to structure the last piece. These mats might be extremely beautiful.
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