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The Growing Popularity Of Ice Cream Parlour In Delhi

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Like the snacks restaurants in Delhi, the ice cream parlours are also gaining a fast popularity in the capital city. Nowadays, people who want to have an ice cream after their dinner, while strolling in their locality, dont have to depend on the ice cream hawkers alone. Almost every locality has an ice cream parlour, or at least a small take away ice cream stall, for people to enjoy their favorite dessert even during late hours.

It is definitely not a hidden fact that people of all ages love ice cream and look out for some good ice cream parlour in Delhi. This has led to the springing up of many popular ice cream parlour chains in almost every nook and corner of the city. These parlours offer a wide variety of ice creams to the ice cream lovers to treat their taste buds.

During a visit to an ice cream parlour in Delhi, an individual is sure to get confused while choosing a flavor, as all the flavors available are simply irresistible. The flavors available in these parlours are no longer limited to the common vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavors. In fact, in an ice cream parlour, an individual can taste different flavors of chocolate ice cream and a number of unique and new flavors.

Like the ice cream parlours in the western countries, almost every ice cream parlour in Delhi serve theme ice creams where a combination of two or three flavors are served together. One can also treat himself with the famous sundaes. These again are all time favorites of ice cream lovers where a combination of their favorite flavors is served with delicious toppings and exotic decorations.

In an ice cream parlour in Delhi, one can also treat the buds with ice cream with cold coffee or ice cream with hot chocolate. Some ice cream parlours also serve ice cream with brownies. The ice cream sizzlers are one of the latest hits served by several ice cream parlour in the city.

The options available for ice cream lovers keep on increasing day by day as these parlours keep introducing new flavors and ice cream delicacies every now and them. In fact there are a number of options available for the health conscious people as well. Many ice cream parlours serve ice cream which are sugar free and also some varieties which have the minimum amount of fat content. Some flavors also content real fruit extracts and pieces.

Therefore, with so many options available, what do Delhites need to ask for their dessert, rather than a scoop of delicious and healthy ice cream?
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