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Targeted Traffic and Products Are One of the Fundamental Components For Any Business to Succeed

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Before you think of starting or buying your own business, you must find a niche market then create a product (report, book, audio etc) and try to sell in that small market, sadly to say this is not entirely correct my friend.
The reason why I say this is because this concept might make you some or very little money, but it will definitely not grow your business into a million dollar empire in the long run.
The bottom line is that your business will never grow just by selling inexpensive products, even when there is a high volume of traffic buying the products.
The key for lasting success in any business is to have a expensive back end product which is in demand, people will never stop purchasing the product.
This leads me to say that the product cannot make people skeptical rather it must be part of their lifestyle.
For example as our human bodies need food to satisfy our hunger and water to gratify our thirst in this same way the service that a business offers must be needed by ordinary people like you and me.
The correct product will consist of the following traits: 1) customers want to make the product a part of their daily life 2) the product is so valuable that customers are willing to pay large amounts of money for it 3) the product must cost you a lot less than the price it is sold for 4) the product must not put a burden on your shoulder where you will have to rent a warehouse or store inventory, but it must be easy to ship and keep on hand 5) the product must not give you a headache where you will be interrupted by customers wanting an explanation on how to use their new product, instead it must be self sufficient 6) the product must fit the criteria where customer orders are handled automatically because I do not think you want to be the person on the telephone when hundreds of orders come in at once you know what I mean and 7) the product must be so popular that current buyers will come back and eventually become permanent future customers.
The good part is that it does not stop here, in fact having a highly profitable back end product is just the start of a successful business because the more valuable back end products you have the better.
As I said earlier customers are the most important component to any business because it determines the success or failure of any business.
So once you have a customer you want them to keep buying from you because the most expensive part of running any business is constantly having new customers coming to you.
For customers to buy again the first sale must have two important components, one it must be under promised, and two it must be over delivered.
The front end must be unique so it will capture the customers attention, by doing this the buyers will see the value of the product and they will become life long customers.
Your back end products will always make you more money than your front end products.
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