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Shooting Games That Are Free

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    First-Person Shooters

    • First-person shooter games, like the "Halo" series and "Goldeneye," allow the player to feel completely immersed in the action. While the most advanced versions of these games require large amounts of gaming resources such as high quality graphics cards and lots of random access memory (RAM), there are first-person shooter games available online that take up very few resources while maintaining much of the attractiveness of the advanced versions. Common enemies in these games include mutants, zombies, soldiers and cowboys. While these games often involve running around, some require the player to remain stationary and pick off targets from far away, possibly with a sniper rifle.

    Ballistic Games

    • Free Ballistic shooting games require players to use their intuitive sense of Newtonian physics to battle to the death. A common scenario in this type of game involves two players (either two humans or a human and a computer) taking turns trying to destroy the others' gun or base camp. Each turn, a player selects a trajectory and shoots into the air, hoping to destroy the other player. Players continue taking turns until one of their characters is destroyed.

    Side-Scrolling Games

    • Other shooting games use the side-scrolling approach used by many different video games throughout the years, including "Super Mario Bros." and "Metroid." Free versions of these games are also available for play online. These games require players to run across a landscaping while either jumping to avoid enemies or shooting them out of the way. Players are often given a score based on how far they get through the game and on how many enemies they destroyed.

    Top-View Games

    • Many people will be familiar with top-view, or birds-eye, shooter games. A popular example of this type of game is the original "Grand Theft Auto." While this was not a free game, there are free versions of top-view games available. Since it can be difficult to turn and aim precisely enough to hit and kill and enemy, the challenge in these types of games is often to avoid becoming surrounded by approaching enemies.

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