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What 3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Diving Watch

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Watches have become an essential part of the personality.
There are mainly three types of watches available, for both men and women.
They include luxury watches, sports watches and particularly diving watches.
Each of the types has its remarkable importance in the relative areas.
Wearing a watch is a need as well as a fashion.
A diving watch is a specially designed watch for underwater diving.
One of its most important features is water resistance of about 200 to 300 metres.
These watches are used in scuba diving.
The use of modern technology in the manufacturing process has greatly increased their characteristics.
It is very important for the divers to wear watches.
As the diver dives into the water at depths, the body absorbs nitrogen.
This nitrogen is dangerous when it exceeds the limit.
So, to keep it within the limit, the diving time has to be managed.
The diving watch monitors the diving time and thus, prevents from any accidents.
The important selling brands are Casio, citizen, Rolex and Swiss.
The top professional watches include Aeries manta, Oceanic geo Air, oceanic OCI 1Air, Shark classic watch, Tusa IQ -900 Zen Air and St Mortiz MI Dive watch.
Choosing a diving watch is a very careful process, because only the correct watch can serve the purpose.
The first thing that you need to know while choosing a watch is its originality.
An original diver watch is in accordance with the ISO 645.
This is the leakage test performed to test the resistance of watch against the ingress of water.
After the test, a DIVERS mark is stamped at the back of the watch, with the equivalent depth that the watch can resist.
Thus, it enables the buyers to distinguish the original watches from the duplicate watches that are unfavourable for diving.
The other notable feature of a diving watch is the thick crystal.
Domed crystals are employed to increase the pressure resistance of the diving watch.
The manufactures mostly use acrylic glass, hardened glass and synthetic sapphire due to their break resistant, scratch resistant and shatter proof qualities.
Moreover, the watches contain certain pushers for operation in the deep waters.
These pushers make the use of watch possible even when at the depth, without allowing the passage of water.
Before selecting the watch, the legibility of the mens watches should be checked.
A good diving watch is legible under water and in low light conditions.
These watches possess high contrasting, non-tangled dials.
They should possess a large identifiable minute hand.
To make the digits readable, the watch should possess luminous phosphorescent, non-toxic sodium illuminate pigments.
For the digital diving watches, powered lights are used in the dial to make the readings legible.
Such watches are available under the brand name LumiNova and NoctiLumina.
A scuba diving watch also possesses the power reserve indicator.
Before diving, you should know the power of the battery.
This is very important in order to avoid the problems faced due to insufficient battery during the under-water activities.
Some watches have an end of life indicator that displays the power of the battery continuously.
So, in order to buy an effective diving watch, the above mentioned features should be accounted before selection.
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