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Certification Requirements for an Auto Mechanic

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    • Certification provides a number of benefits to a qualified auto mechanic. It demonstrates proficiency and dedication to the profession. It can qualify you for promotions and higher pay. It also helps improve the overall perception of the auto mechanic profession with the public. Certified mechanics improve their knowledge base by staying abreast of new technology, which can lead to taking on more responsibilities at work.


    • Candidates for ASE certification typically need two years of full-time work experience servicing motor vehicles and pass an ASE exam. The ASE explains on its website that certification candidates must have experience relevant to the exam they wish to take. One year of work experience can be substituted with two years of high school or post-secondary training; if you have completed an apprenticeship or approved co-op program, you may qualify to have the entire work experience requirement waived.


    • Mechanics who repair cars, light duty trucks and SUVs are eligible for automobile/light truck certification. Candidates for this certification can select from a series of nine exams, which consist of 40 to 50 multiple-choice questions each. Exams cover topics such as engine repair, brakes and heating and air conditioning systems. If you pass one or more exams, you earn ASE certification. Mechanics who pass a series of tests in an area such as automobiles, buses or collision repair earn master technician certification.

    Maintaining Certification

    • To maintain an ASE certification, an auto mechanic must be retested every five years in the area in which the initial certification was granted. If you earn are granted master technician status, you must be sure to retest in each area that they are certified in; otherwise you will lose their certification. ASE notes that if your original certification has expired, you will still be permitted to take the appropriate recertification exam.

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