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How To Build A Network Marketing Business Even If You Are Working A Full Time Job

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You probably have a jammed packed life. Work a full time job. The commute to and from that job is ugly at best. After dinner all you want to do is collapse in front of television with your remote tucked nearby. It gets even more hectic if you have a young family needing their school work checked, general nightly duties, preparing for the next day, etc.

Weekends are scheduled out attending kids sports games, becoming the parent-mobile shuttling your kids (and other kids from the neighborhood) to their practices, birthday parties, sleep-overs... What free time you can find out of your weekend is spent supermarket or wholesale club food shopping.

Wouldn't it be refreshing to be sent to do time-out in your room and let the others handle things for themselves?

Now you are being told that you can build a home based business in your spare time. Well, that is just great. Your response is a glaring: WHAT SPARE TIME?

Fact: busy people get things done. Same thing applies with YOUR business.

If you are a morning person, get up an hour before your regular schedule and do not even think about starting your daily routine, start your home business work. You will see that this becomes a daily pattern. (If you are a night person, rather than dragging yourself to bed after an exhausting day, have a coffee and spend another hour online.) At work, instead of chatting with co-workers during your work breaks and lunch, spend the time reading/responding to your email, answering Facebook messages, returning your business related phone calls, etc.

Weekends are your best time to build your business. There are both women and men in my group who schedule Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights as their business nights. They are either in front of their computers or out doing business presentation meetings. And, those that have small children, in order not to have interruptions they have a babysitter watch and entertain their children while they are busy online elsewhere in their home.

If you do not have family responsibilities, you have no time excuse for not building your business. You can put your social life on hold while spending every non-job waking moment working your business. Trust me, you will be on a first name basis where you pick-up your nightly take-out food so you will not have to waste time preparing (and cleaning up after) a meal.

Early in my network marketing career, I attended a presentation given by a mlm Big Kahuna. During the question and answer session that followed, one person asked him how could she possibly join and build the business given her busy schedule? His response - which I have heard (and, okay, I have also used it) numerous times since then: You can either make money or make excuses but you cannot do both.

If your WHY is big enough, you will find a HOW in your busy schedule.
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