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The Benefits of an Expired Domain Name

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Expired domain names may generally be overlooked or go unnoticed, at least by the average person who wants to register a domain.
But there's a whole market of people who buy and sell expired domain names, and software has been created to assist searching through the many that expire every day.
You can even sign up for services that email you alerts when a batch of new expired domains is coming through.
I wouldn't recommend this unless you were really serious however, as your inbox can get full very quickly.
Though not all expired domains are beneficial, many of them are highly valued.
By and large, it is because these domains have hundreds or thousands of back links.
And domains with a link from the DMOZ directory, notoriously difficult to get into these days, are very prized.
Having said that, when DMOZ editors find out that a domain has been sold, given away by having, say, automotive content on a domain name that indicates a beauty site, these domains are removed from the directory.
Some expired domains do have high search engine placement, at least on longer tail keywords.
They may thus already have traffic which you can profit from or redirect to another site of yours.
And expired domains are aged domains, which can be popular for search engine optimization and how quickly new content on that site will be indexed and ranked for its keywords.
How do I get started? When will a domain name expire? How can I determine if the expired domain is a good one to start a business with? If you already have an existing site, you could simply redirect the traffic from a domain name that has expired to it.
Assuming of course they are related.
If you do not have an existing site and you would want to use an expired domain to start one, the first step is to of course search for an expired domain that can boast of flow of traffic and backlinks.
Traffic is the number of visitors to a certain domain in a single day.
A good domain can have twenty to thousands of distinct visitors per day, although you're unlikely to find expired domains with this number.
But even a few visitors can be worth it to some people who can turn those leads into income.
However, you need to make sure that that domain has really expired.
You see, once a domain is passed the date of expiration, it can still be re-registered by the original owner.
They actually have seventy five days when they can do this.
This is to protect people who accidentally forget to renew their domain but do not want to let it go.
Upon passing its expiry date, a domain name enters into a static stage for forty days.
For the duration of these forty days, the domain name can still be re-registered.
After this time has passed, it lapses into another stage for a period of thirty five days.
Again, the creator or proprietor can still re-register the domain.
Only after all this time has passed can you register the domain in your name.
The benefits of an expired domain name can truly be amazing.
For years, online business has gotten a foothold into virtually every place worldwide.
And given the opportunity, even what seems useless can unknowingly provide an avenue for the growth of online business.
Such is the case with domain names that have expired.
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