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Prepare Topics to Speak Chinese

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Chinese people always want to learn very good English, while native English speakers think that they need to learn at least some Chinese as Chinese becomes more and more imporant in the international communication.
So what should you do when you decide to learn Chinese? The answer is "topics".
Most Chinese learners feel very puzzled about Chinese characters, for the Chinese characters are largely different from English letters.
But as a Chinese learner, you should not always make yourself puzzled on such things.
what you should do is that you need to undo burden for yourself.
How? Just toss the Chinese characters away for a while! If you think that when you fling the Chinese characters, you will never learn to speak Chinese well? If you think in this way, you have to change now.
If you do think you can learn to just speak Chinese right now as your topmost task, that's right! But if you need to talk, you need partners as well as topics.
You can find Chinese people everywhere you may go.
Thus, if they don't mind, try to converse with them by your limited Chinese knowledge.
But then the questions come: how do you prepare your topics? You need to think about them very seriously.
There are loads of things you need to speak today, but not many of them could be used by you so far, for your knowledge on Chinese is little.
Most appropriately you can try to begin with some very simple things which relate to Chinese.
The common question is that you can ask your Chinese friends how to speak this language as one example.
Or another way for you to choose is to speak this language with an online friend.
This time you cannot see your friend, nor can he see you.
You just tell him you are a Chinese learner, hoping to speak Chinese.
Then you can chat as easily as your Chinese knowledge permits.
Certainly you have to get in touch with him often.
Finally you can try to use the software that provides conversations for you.
You can learn how the software arranges topics, and try to begin yours next.
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