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Troubleshooting a Fuel Pump on 1995 960 Volvo

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    • 1). Learn the symptoms of a failing fuel pump. Your Volvo will react in certain ways when the fuel pump is not properly functioning. The primary reactions are the car not starting and the engine stalling when the accelerator pedal is pressed down.

    • 2). Listen to see if the fuel pump is engaging before your Volvo's engine starts. In a quiet setting, insert your ignition key into the ignition and turn the key one notch to the right so that your battery is on but not your engine. When the key is turned the fuel pump should begin to operate. Turn the key off and back to the right one notch several times to ensure that the pump consistently turns on. You may need a second person to help you listen by the fuel tank of the car if you cannot hear it as you sit in the driver's seat.

    • 3). Test the Volvo's fuel pressure. Locate the Schrader valve on the engine block of the car. It is normally located next to the alternator and closely resembles the air valve on a car or bicycle tire. Screw a fuel pressure gauge into the Schrader valve and check the fuel pressure for the Volvo. The proper fuel system pressure for the Volvo is 44 pounds per square inch.

    • 4). Check the fuel pressure regulator on the Volvo. A low fuel pressure reading from your fuel pressure gauge does not necessarily mean the fuel pump has malfunctioned and needs to be replaced. An improperly functioning fuel pressure regulator can also drop the car's fuel pressure. The fuel pressure regulator is located towards the front of the engine block of the car. Gently squeeze the rubber hose running from the regulator with some pliers. While you squeeze, look to see if the fuel pressure increases to a normal level. If so, the regulator has failed, not the fuel pump.

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