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How Much Does a Busboy Get Paid?

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    • A busboy or busgirl typically cleans dirty dishes from the tables after the patrons have left, wipes the tables clean, and cleans the booths or chairs. She may also set down clean flatware, napkins, place mats or menus, or bring food, drinks, condiments, and extra silverware to tables.


    • The position of busboy or busgirl is one of the lowest-paid positions in the country, although they tend to make more money in states where tourism is high, such as Hawaii and Nevada. They also tend to make more per hour working at medical and research facilities than at restaurants.

    Average Pay

    • Busboys and busgirls make an hourly wage, plus a percentage of the tips received by the waitstaff. The median hourly wage for restaurant attendants as of May 2009 is $8.51.

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