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Tips on New Puppies

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    • It is extremely important to socialize your puppy at an early age. If you do not take the steps to socialize your puppy, he could be scared of people in the future. Take your puppy to the park, and ask people if they would like to meet your dog. Hold him so that he feels comfortable around strangers, so that he is also learning that strangers and loud noises aren't as scary as they look. Give him a treat each time after he meets a person. It's very hard, sometimes impossible, to make that fear vanish later in life. Also introduce your puppy to appliances and other objects that may scare him.


    • When training your puppy, make sure you are consistent with your training methods. She will become confused if you lack consistency, and therefore learn the wrong habits. These habits can be tough to break. If your puppy starts nipping at an early age, discourage that behavior. This can also cause problems in their adulthood. Your puppy isn't nipping to be mean or cruel, she's simply trying to play. To discourage this behavior, when your puppy nips say "Ouch!" in a hurt tone. It's okay to be overdramatic here. Let her know that she's hurting you. Being consistent also requires a large amount of patience, but it will end up saving you time in the long run.


    • Right after purchasing your puppy, take her to the vet and make sure she is healthy. Make sure you choose a vet that you trust. Puppies need a lot of shots when they're young, so make sure your pup's shots are up to date. Puppies are prone to developing many diseases, and your vet can help you prevent them or improve them before they get worse. Some diseases are inherited from the doggy mother, so it's wise to find out about the mother's health background before purchasing your pup. Also be sure to buy her nutritious, high quality kibble.

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