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Choosing the Best USB Firewire Hard Drive

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One of the first things to think about when buying a USB/ Firewire hard drive is what you are going to use it for and of course your budget.
What capacity do you need If it is simply for backing up a few small Word or Excel files then you needn't have large capacity hard drive, in fact if your files are very small you could probably just use a USB flash drive.
If however you intending to store a lot of photographs or movies a larger capacity of 500gb plus would probably be better for you.
What type of USB or firewire connections does your computer have The majority of Macintosh computers come with both USB and Firewire connections.
For PCs USB is much more common.
Both Firewire and USB are available in different speeds so check to see which speed your computer is capable of.
If you have an older computer you may need to buy an adapter or cable so that for instance a USB2 connection can connect to the USB1 connection on your computer or laptop.
How portable is it Are you going to be transporting your data around, or will your external drive just be used at home.
Obviously the smaller it is, the easier it is going to be to transport around, but you will probably pay a bit more for smaller external drives.
Does the portable drive come with any back up software There are different ways to do a back up.
The simplest way is just to copy from you computer to the USB/firewire hard drive, but some hard drives also come bundled with software that allows you to make automatic regular scheduled backups of your data.
Check to see what software comes with the portable drive.
These are a few of the important things to consider when you are going to buy an external drive.
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