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How to Maximize Your Earnings With Amazon Mechanical Turk

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    • 1). Register for Amazon Mechanical Turk and sign in.

    • 2). Click the "Qualifications" tab. Each HIT has different minimum qualifications and some require completing a survey or test before you can do the HIT. Complete the qualifications for HITs that interest you. Focus on qualifying for HITs with many tasks available or with high payouts.

    • 3). Select a task with many short HITs available. Work on these HITs for about 15 minutes. Multiply the potential earnings from the completed tasks by four to determine the hourly wage you can get from this HIT.

    • 4). Wait until your HITs are approved or rejected before continuing with that set. While you wait, choose additional tasks with many HITs and repeat Step 3.

    • 5). Compare the approval ratio for each set of HITs you completed. Find sets of tasks that offer both the highest potential hourly wage and the lowest rejection rate. Rejected HITs not only waste your time because you are not paid, but can also limit which HITs you qualify for, because many require at least a 90 percent acceptance rate.

    • 6). Peruse the highest-paying HITs available to you each day. High-paying HITs usually offer only one task. Carefully consider the time you expect the HIT to take with the pay being offered and compare to the hourly rate you can get from completing the sets of shorter HITs before deciding whether or not to accept it.

    • 7). Spend more time working on these HITs. Maximize your income by both choosing HITs with the best hourly wage and maximizing the time you spend working on HITs. Consider working on HITs when you are between tasks, watching TV, or in your spare moments.

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