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Choosing The Best Windows For Your Home

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Windows are much more than just a piece of glass fitted into a hole in the wall! There are a huge number of variables when choosing windows for your home, whether it is a new build or you are conducting renovations. The comfort and style or your home can all be affected by your window choice, so it is important.

Many people are simply unaware of some of the new and innovative window products that are available on the market. Because of this, it is crucial that you do some research, or consult with a professional before proceeding. Below, just a few of the different window products that are available are explained.

Frame Choice

The very first decision that you will need to make when selecting new windows for your home is what frame to use. Wooden, PVC and aluminium frames are all common choices and each have their own unique benefits. For example, wooden frames are by far the most visually appealing, but can degrade quicker than other options if not properly cared for. On the other hand, metal and plastic frames can last a lot longer, but tend to not be as aesthetically pleasing.

Once you have chosen a specific material, you then need to deal with the countless variants. Wooden frames have the widest range of choice, given the vast number of wood types that can be used. Before finalising your choice though, you will need to consider what kind of glass you would like to fit into your frames.

Glass Options

Choosing a pane of glass for your frames can seem like a simple choice on the face of it. However with new technology available, there are quite a few more options than your plain old pane of glass offers! You can now buy glass that is tinted, double paned or designed to limit sound transmission for improving home acoustics. Of course, some of these options can end up costing more, but if they can offer great improvements for home heating and cooling, as well as privacy.

If you do choose speciality glass, you will need to ensure that your chosen frames are compatible. Most frames can accommodate speciality glass, but you definitely need to confirm this with a qualified installer before purchase!

Bushfire Windows And Doors

One specific option for your windows and doors that will be explored in detail is bushfire resistant models. The Australian countryside is uniquely vulnerable to bush fires and every summer homes all over the country are lost to out of control fires. The exterior of most homes is surprisingly resistant to fire and the real damage is only done once the flames gain entry to the home. Funnily enough, flames often get in just like a human would – through a door or window!

Bushfire resistant doors and windows are designed to stop your home succumbing to a bushfire. They are engineered to stop embers and flying debris from breaking panes of glass and allowing the fire to spread. If you live an area prone to brushfires these windows and doors could be the best investment you ever make.

For more information about any kind of door or window, contact you nearest supplier of showroom for an appraisal or quote.

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