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How to Talk to Women With a Minimal Amount of Effort

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Several years back I was almost killed by a horrible accident.
My near-death experience, not only, changed my perspective about life, but also the way in which I related to people, especially with women.
One of the biggest lessons I learned from my accident was to live in the moment and stop worrying about the future.
Most guys don't enjoy their interactions with women because of their propensity to over-think the process.
They are worried about the outcome, or what to say next.
This blocks their minds and, as a result, the conversations don't flow naturally.
Guys who live in their head also tend to be anxious, and this causes their body language to send negative signals to the females they are interacting with.
So, the first step you need to take to talk to women successfully is to learn to enjoy the moment.
As simple as that! Talking to women is a natural process; it is something you were born ready for.
You just need to learn how to enjoy it, and let it flow.
I want to share some ideas that will help you recover your natural power to talk to women.
By the time you finish reading this article you will discover some amazing things about yourself, and a whole new way of relating to women.
- Don't talk; listen!
When you talk to women, do you listen attentively? To be successful with women you need to shut up and learn to listen.
This will allow you to really know the girl you are talking to.
As a result, the conversation will be fun and spontaneous.
You will also decrease your levels of anxiety, since over-thinking is the number one enemy.
Remember, just be there, live in the moment and pay attention to the woman you are talking to.
- Forget about the outcome, and don't put her on a pedestal
Can you talk to hot girls like you talk to your best friends? It doesn't matter how hot a girl is, or how much do you crave for her attention.
Just talk to her in the same way you talk to your friends.
Again, live in the moment, and forget about the outcomes.
This will decrease your anxiety levels, and the vibe you project will influence her in a positive way.
When you talk to your friends you don't think about outcomes, do you? That's why you feel relaxed around them.
Don't put women on pedestals because you will subconsciously try to qualify yourself to them, and this will decrease your social value.
Just relax, and only let positive thoughts in your mind.
- Don't take it personal
Do you have a bullet proof confidence? Even the best-looking guys in the world, I mean real chick magnets, fail sometimes.
If a girl is not open to talk to you, or if she is rude, don't take it personally.
Don't let it affect your ego.
Don't let one failure affect your confidence, or it will be harder for you to talk to women in the future.
Instead, remember all your successes.
Learn to enjoy your life, and become the man you deserve to be and you will enjoy the success with women others dream about.
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