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The Art of Thai Dance

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Dance is regarded as the main theatrical form of art of Thailand. Thai Dance, just like the different forms of fold Asian dance, is highly admired for its beautiful movements, its radiantly colored dance outfits, its tender music, and its shining presence. Thai Dance is commonly recognized by the country's inhabitants as Fawn Thai. Fawn Thai has several variations by which they are inspired from Thailand's cultural past, and is typically danced by eight to twelve dancers. During state or grand occasions, we can witness hundreds of performers wearing luxuriantly stunning costumes while performing the Fawn Thai 

Thai Dance, as a whole is sub-divided into 2 categories: classical dance and; folk dance. Typically, the classical dance is performed like a field of wheat or sunflower dancing in harmony. The classical dance usually sooth and amuses their home-country royalty dancing before nobility and royals. The fundamental natures of these conventional dance actions and interpretations have remained, preserved, and practiced and even trained in every dance schools in Thailand.

The most popular Thai dance probably known around the world is the Fawn Leb. The Fawn Leb is recognized as the famous fingernail dance. This dance is commonly performed by ten dancers wearing stalls of polished and flattened brass on each of their fingers. Each brass fingernail is estimated to be six inches or 15 centimeters long. The purpose of these brass fingernails is to give emphasis and accentuate the hand movements of the dancers. Also, these brass fingernails provide an astonishing and elegant extension to the tiny fingers of the dancers. The choreography of the Fawn Leb often differs from one province to another. As for the dance's outfits, these are colorful in character, but even the color differs according to their origin.

Other than the Fawn Leb, another classical dance that is quite famous for its emphasis of light in the darkness is the Fawn Tian. The Fawn Tian is recognized as the famous candle dance. This dance is commonly performed by eight dancers carrying illuminated wax candles in each hand. This dance is preferably performed during the night to give emphasis and accentuate the hand movements of the dancers. The illuminated candles, combined with the graceful movement of the dancers sway in a hypnotic and mesmerizing spectacle. Just like Fawn Tian. Fawn Leb's choreography differs from one province to another including the outfits wore by the dancers.

Today, both the Fawn Leb and Fawn Tian are continued to be taught to younger generations. The beauty of these dances improved through time lies on their meaning. Just like any folkdance, one may interpret and correlate the choreography of these dances as to the way of life of the people of Thailand. These dances could also serve as instruments to which artists and dancers could portray political struggles of the present world in contrast with the contemporary meaning of the dance.
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