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Fishing A Dock

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Catfishing is mostly known as a deep water fishing style.
Big catfish are pulled from the depths all year long.
This doesn't mean that this is your only option for fishing for catfish.
some guys might actually prefer to fish for big catfish in shallow water.
When that happens, you will be hard pressed to find a better type of cover than a dock.
Fishing docks is relatively simple.
They have a few simple rules to follow.
So let's not wast time.
Here is what you need to know about docks in order to catch more catfish.
First you need to know what depth the catfish are in.
If a catfish is in 5 foot, a dock that is in that same water depth in the best to target.
We are looking for cover that is in the right depth range.
Next you need to be looking for docks that are large.
Large docks offer more cover.
This will draw more bait and more catfish.
You might even find big catfish in these areas.
Following this I look for docks that a low to the water and with a tight planking.
This creates more of a darkest under the dock.
The darkness under the dock gives big catfish more of an area to hide under.
This creates a better feeding opportunity for all the catfish.
This will also stretch the feeding period for catfish.
In open water, catfish might only feeding until shortly after dawn.
After this I want to know if there are any secrets under that dock.
I know that most docks will have pilings.
That's pretty obvious.
But some of those docks have cedar trees under them.
Some of them have lights under them.
Anything under the dock is a positive.
These secrets give the bait fish a place to hide which will draw in more catfish.
That brings me to another point, catfish love to have a lot of bait around them.
A big catfish has a large appetite and needs to eat regularly.
If you can find a dock that has a lot of bait in or around it, you will be in business.
Outside of these little tips, you simply need catfish in the area.
Once you get that figured out, you will be catching catfish after catfish.
You can even return to this location over and over again as the seasons progress and flow.
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