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Best Entry Level Road Bikes

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Even though good road bikes have certain characteristics, finding the best entry level road bike for yourself is going to come down to preference and personal needs.
There are many guides that go into detail into what you should be looking out for when it comes to buying one.
However if you're actually looking for specific certain bike to give you an ideas then this article should give you some good insight.
Some bikers may not agree with this post but then again everyone has different preferences.
You may be looking to just get out there for as cheap and fast as possible; you may want to think a bit more about your first bike or you may want to just get the best road bikes.
It's safe to say that this post is going to help you more if you're looking to get your feet wet and get a fair priced valuable road bike just get out there as fast as possible.
First off, the road bikes below have been chosen due to their price and the value that they offer the rider.
Since you're an entry level biker you're going to want a mixture of quality and value.
These 4 specific bikes mentioned below do that and a little bit more.
It's also worthy to note they are all priced under £1000 making it an even better reason to take a look.
Raleigh Air Lite Raleigh bikes have been known for quality for a long time which is also one of the reasons they've stayed in business so long.
One of the road bikes that has had a good review on this website is the Raleigh Airlite 100.
This road bike has a great visual design and looks well made.
For a decent road bike under £500 this one is hard to miss.
Vittesse Sprint 21 The Vittesse Sprint 21 is a road bike that needs to be included mainly due to its price but besides that it offers great value for money and a great experience for beginners.
With its 21 Shimano gears you'll have a lot of control, it's a great option if you're travelling to work every morning or go on the odd trip.
It's hard to go wrong when it's priced under £200.
Trek SL1000 The Trek SL1000 has been noted by many people to be an excellent choice for the beginner looking to get out there and experience the roads.
It's £500 price point makes it accessible to beginners and it's triple gear chain set makes it easier to control.
This bike is great because it can easily handle distance rides but as well as that it can perform just as well in your short journeys.
A bike like this can easily be used to travel to work but also be used to go on long treks.
Giant TCR 2 2011 The Giant TCR 2 2011 is one of the most expensive bikes to be recommended on this list with it's £700 price tag, however if you can afford the extra pounds this could be well worth it.
The difference between this bike and the others on this list is that it could easily be used for competitions.
Its speed and feel should give you just the buzz you need to get into road biking.
A Note On Second Hand Road Bikes Even though I would normally stray from recommending purchasing a second hand bike, mainly due to maintenance problems or the specific price which they're asking for it, it can actually be a good idea for your first time.
Nothing can beat the fresh new bike feeling but sometimes you can get an extremely good price which you'd be mad to turn down.
You can find many good second hand road bikes online.
Make sure you ask as many questions you can think of and ensure that the seller is legit.
Using services like eBay can help you decide whether a seller is trustworthy or not.
Whether you buy online or not the bikes mentioned in this guide come in at extremely affordable prices and are great for entry level bikers.
You don't have to spend a ton to get started with this sport, just a decent road bike and some protective equipment should keep you going a long time.
You may have to learn to do a bit of maintenance from time to time but that will come effortlessly if you enjoy the sport.
Overall many people have had some great experiences with the bikes mentioned in this post.
Look at your personal preferences and what you're willing to pay and then sum up all of your options.
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