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College Guide - Meeting New People

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College can be a very daunting experience if one doesn't prepare oneself right.
There is no doubt that everyone gets through college "fine" even without any guidance.
However, to get the most out of college, it usually helps to talk to someone who's been through it already.
This is true in most other areas in life.
Talking to someone with more experience will help you get through unfamiliar routes.
Starting off, try to expose yourself to a lot of different people.
College is very different from high school in that you will be meeting people from a lot of different backgrounds and stories.
High schools have different demographics of people, but usually, most of the students come from the same area.
College brings together students from across the country.
Exposing yourself early, keeping an open mind and a smile on your face can do wonders for you.
In order to get yourself exposed to more people, you should try joining different clubs and organizations.
In college, there is an absolute plethora of different interest groups and clubs you can join and partake in.
From kendo, to anime, to democrats, to (absolutely anything), you can practically find a club for any hobby or interest you may have.
It is also a great time to go exploring for different hobbies you may be interested in.
An important part of college is networking.
The only way to get better at networking and talking to others is by practicing this trade.
You can't get better at it overnight.
By starting early, you can make much greater first impressions, and potentially strong ties to people that may help you down the line.
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