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Tips About How To Maintain Walnut Furniture

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Walnut, with the other names such as manchurian walnut and Juglans mandshurica, can be used as the raw material of furniture. In fact, do you believe that the walnut furniture is one kind of the top grade furniture in the market nowadays? As usual, it is more expensive than other common wooden furniture such as pine furniture. If you have bought walnut furniture for home decoration because you think they can fully show your good taste, it is time for you to know how to maintain with right ways, only by this way, their working life can be extended so that their value can be fully utilized.

In short, when maintaining walnut furniture, you have to pay more attention on the furniture moisture degree. However, different with other wooden furniture, such moisture can not only be offered by the water, in other words, it is useless if you only wipe walnut furniture with wet rag in order to keep its moisture. On the contrary, according to the furniture maintenance experts, you have to use the specialized furniture care essential oils, which contains the natural petit grain oil and can be absorbed by the wood fiber easily, at the same time, moisture contained in the wooden material can be locked so that it is not easy to run off. By this way, wooden material crack and even the deformation can be avoided. When looking at walnut furniture, you would notice that it is so bright and whats more their service life can be extended.

On the other hands, when maintaining walnut furniture, they should be avoided direct sunlight. Both in the summer and autumn, please not to place walnut furniture under the sunlight because along with the drying climate, walnut furniture are easy to crack and color fading at some parts.

Just like other top grade wooden furniture such as rosewood furniture, teak furniture and oak furniture, there would be exquisite carving workmanship on the furniture. As a result, some dust will be accumulated which will affect the beauty of furniture. In daily life, you have to get rid of such dust at fixed periods. When cleaning, you should be more careful and choose the right cleaning tools, please remember not to use too sharp metal cleaning tool or other sharp items, otherwise there would be some scratch on furniture surface.

Finally, please not to place walnut furniture at the too moist environment, otherwise it is easy to expand and rot.
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