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Herbs That Increase Metabolism - Boost Your Body Naturally

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Increasing your metabolism increases the amount of weight you lose.
As we age, our metabolism tends to slow down, particularly in women.
Aerobic exercise will increase your metabolism as will many herbs that are available at your health food store.
To help decipher which one does what, use this list of herbs that increase metabolism and be on your way to a naturally healthy weight.
Cayenne: Cayenne, as in cayenne pepper, contains capsaicin.
This has been shown to improve digestion and has thermogenic effects which increase your metabolism rate and your fat burning rate.
Bladder Wrack Kelp: This is a type of seaweed that comes in pills, dried form or in tinctures.
It can be used in place of salt or nibbled on as a treat.
It strengthens the thyroid, which controls metabolism.
Kola Nut: Kola nuts act as stimulants, thereby not only increasing your metabolism but also decreasing your appetite.
Burdock Root: This herb not only improves metabolism to help with weight loss, it helps reduce the appetite and control cravings.
Additionally, it acts as a diuretic and helps to cleanse the body of toxins.
Ginseng: Ginseng's energy boosting effects have led to an increase in its use in many convenience items, like bottled teas.
It also has a metabolism increasing effect and is great for use when dieting.
Green Tea: Green tea has been studied in Switzerland and was shown to increase metabolism and speed up the burning of fate.
Dandelion Root: Dandelion works in the liver to help with fat metabolism.
It helps rid the body of toxins and also acts as a natural stimulant.
Hit Mustard: Hit mustard and all other hot spices have been proven to raise metabolism rates.
In addition, the heat makes you thirsty and drinking more fluids aids in weight loss as well.
There are many, many more herbs that increase metabolism, entire books have been written about them.
The best advice is to research the herb in question before trying it and make sure you find out how it reacts with any medications you are taking.
Nature can supply us with many of the health supplements we need if we only look.
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