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Chlorella Powder - An Ancient Green Superfood

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The summer is the perfect time to add high quality greens to your diet to rid the body of toxins and built up waste that has accumulated from last winter and early spring.
One amazing way to get living chlorophyll into your body with out having to eat giant salads all day is to consume blue green algaes such as chlorella.
Chlorella powder has the highest amount of living chlorophyll of anything in the plant kingdom, making it amazing at detoxifying the blood and alkalizing the body.
Chlorella is also loaded with protein and minerals, including magnesium and iron, giving your body a rebuilding while also assisting a gentle detox.
Chlorella powder is unique in that it has an indigestible cell wall that grabs onto heavy metals, PCB's, and hydrocarbons, and safely escorts them out of the body.
These harmful toxins are extremely prevalent in today's world and must be escorted out of the body safely to allow proper immune function, nervous system function, and minerals absorption.
Chlorella is thought to be over 4 billion years old, making it one of, if not the oldest superfoods on the planet! Chlorella powder also has an abundance of nucleic acids, even more that sardines.
These establish and maintain gene health.
This power algae is also the fastest multiplying organism, growing at rates that even baffle scientists.
This unique attribute makes the lacto-bacillus acidophilus that is already in your belly to multiply at four times the rate it usually does.
This means better digestion, optimal immune function, and better absorption on nutrients.
To my knowledge, Ultimate Superfoods supplies the highest quality chlorella at the most affordable price anywhere.
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