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Doing the Right Things For Success of Your Business

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In the modern business world business ethics a common topic of discussion and one of the best definitions of ethics is doing the right thing when no body is looking.
The second part of that should be and not bragging about it.
Too many times home business owners struggle in determining what the right things is to do, but sometimes what is right for the business may not be right for the success of the business.
As an example, consider walking into a busy retail outlet.
You have probably seen a lot of signs posted about return policies and check acceptance policies as well as the many things they do to protect the company's property.
Many of these signs are located under a larger one that states that the customer's satisfaction is a priority but it seems that is only true if the customer is satisfied following all of the rule of the business.
As the owner of a home business, you should be the only one with the authority to tell a customer no.
Regardless of any policies you may have established for your employees to follow, if they cannot make the customer happy, they should never be allowed to tell a customer or client no.
They might explain that they do not have the authorization to make that decision and then put you in contact with the customer.
Never, ever, not ever should you take your employee's word that a customer is wrong before you speak to them directly.
It is possible your employee misunderstood the problem as presented and by actually listening to the customer you can salvage the situation and make the customer happy.
Another thing you should never, ever do is tell the customer the employee made a mistake.
Explain why the employee made the call and then take whatever steps you, as the business owner feel is necessary to correct the situation.
The famous phrase that the customer is always right, is not true.
While in the vast majority of cases by looking at t a situation from the customer's point of view, you can understand why they feel they are being mistreated and you can either choose to help them or explain why they are not right.
However, these are going to be customers that no matter what you do for them they are not going to be satisfied.
While most companies take customer service very seriously knowing that without customers they are not going to be in business very long, there are some customer you will be better off without.
The ones that are not going to be happy unless they are berating your employees to get things for free may better be served at another place of business.
Whenever a conflict arises with a customer or an employee, you will need to look at the problem from all angles, do away with any emotional involvement in the decision-making process and then do what is right for the business.
If it means giving something away free to the customer, in the long run the reputation of great customer service will make up for the temporary loss of money.
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