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Knowing the Right Running Shoes - Understanding Pronation

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There are several factors that you should consider in choosing a proper running shoes and one of these factors is your level of pronation.
Thus to start determining the right pair of shoe, you should first understand pronation.
Pronation is a movement which starts when the heel first touches the ground and the foot rolls from the heel to the toes.
There are three types of pronation and knowing how your foot pronates is important since a type of pronation corresponds to a certain type of running shoes.
Normal pronation occurs when the rolling of the foot is about 15 percent inwards.
This moderate amount is already enough to allow the foot to function properly and experience easy and smooth running since your foot can easily support your body weight.
For people with this type of pronation, you should choose stability running shoes.
On the other hand, if the rolling of the foot occurs at about more than 15% inwards, you tend to overpronate.
Pronation which is excessive can lead to overstretching of muscles and ligaments and may even cause injury.
In overpronation only the big and second toes of the foot do the work that the shock is not distributed evenly on the foot.
For this type of pronation, motion-control running shoes should be used.
Lastly, underpronation occurs when the inward rolling of the foot happens at less than 15%.
In underpronation, only the smaller toes exert effort and cushioned running shoes should be used by people who underpronate.
An easy way to determine the level of your pronation is by checking the shoes that you use for running or walking.
If the shoe wear is mostly on the inside then you overpronate while if it is on the outside, you underpronate.
Pronation is normal if the shoe wear is distributed evenly along the forefoot.
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