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How to Install Wheel Studs on a 1967 Porsche

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    • 1). Raise your car up off the ground with lifts. You will not e able to take off and install new wheel studs without the lifts. Once raised, turn the steering wheel of your 1967 Porsche all the way to the right. This exposes the back end of the driver's side wheel stud (you must have the tires and wheels already removed for this).

    • 2). Disconnect the hex drive's bolts that are connected to the wheel stud on the back side. Once disconnected you just need to bang the current wheel stud off.

    • 3). Bang the back side of the wheel stud with your five pound hammer until the current stud falls off.

    • 4). Slide the replacement stud into position and reattach the hex drive bolts to the back side of the stud. Tighten the wheel and tire back onto the stud to completely the installation. Repeat the process with the opposite front wheel stud. After the front wheel studs are off the best way to remove the rear studs is to hit the stud from under the car until it slides off. This make take a little more time, since you probably can't apply as much force to knocking the stud off.

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