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Problems With Discipline in the Inclusion Classroom

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    Inappropriate Teaching Strategies

    • Students with disabilities often need the curriculum taught to them in nontraditional ways. If the student cannot comprehend the material, it can lead to frustration or boredom, and in turn create disruptive behavior. To be a successful teacher in an inclusive classroom you need to know how to use different teaching strategies for the different learning styles of the students.

    The Student's Disability or Behavior Problem

    • When a student is being disruptive in the classroom, it might stem from his disability or behavior issues. If the student has behavior issues the student may not be able to interact with others very well and cause problems in group activities. Handle discipline on a case-by-case basis, using preventative measures to keep the same problem from happening repeatedly. Some students with behavior problems and disabilities can do well with reward systems that are short term and easy to understand.

    Self Management

    • Many discipline programs in the classroom are geared towards students who can easily self manage their behavior; this teaches personal responsibility. Students with disabilities can cause problems in this environment because they cannot self manage their behavior easily. If a student constantly causes disruptions and the current discipline program doesn't stop the behavior problem, adopt a new strategy geared towards their disability.

    Punishment Verses Positive Re-Enforcement

    • Some students with disabilities will not understand the punishment or classroom discipline program, or will only rebel more if given the usual consequence. These students may need positive re-enforcement to change their behavior. The teacher must make the system fair for all while using different techniques for different disabilities and behavior problems.

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