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Are You a Good Investment?

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Many Americans have the idea that it takes money to make money.
Is that true all the time? What about investing in yourself by reading, meditating, and surrounding yourself with others that inspire, encourage, support and uplift you? Does it require money to increase your love for self? Does it take money to come up with an idea to educate and serve thousands, even millions of others? Does it take money to give of your time, mentoring someone, assisting them in creating an abundant mindset for self and those around them? The answer is a resounding "no.
" But it does require you to think.
It requires you to be focused.
It requires determination, discipline, and having a vision.
And that comes with practice; doing and being.
But as we grow, we learn that the world doesn't revolve around us.
We learn that others have expectations of us.
And we learn that we must meet those expectations to win approval, support, love and even business.
Unfortunately, it's easy to conform to others expectations and take it to an extreme.
We can devote so much time and energy trying to be the person that others want us to be, that we lose touch with who we really are.
One of the most important lessons I've learned is that there is nothing more meaningful in life than honoring your authentic self and expressing it to the world.
When you're truly living an authentic life, not only will you attract people who admire and love you for who you are but your confidence, courage and success will begin to soar! It's like taking a magnifying glass and concentrating its energy in one spot.
In just a short period of time, that spot begins to heat up and heat spreads and gets bigger.
It gains momentum; it picks up steam and gets hotter and hotter, until it catches fire.
That's how everything works.
The more you give your attention to something, the bigger it gets.
If you are thinking about all the good or solutions you can find in any given situation, you keep repeating those thoughts and actions in your head and you start experiencing and seeing good in all situations.
Where your attention flows, your thoughts will grow.
So if you give your attention to a thought long enough, it will manifest in your life.
The secret is to focus on one goal until it's completed before you move on to the next one.
The drive, determination and commitment developed on your journey, will assist you in solving other challenges on the way.
Focus activates the law of attraction.
So give yourself permission to make mistakes and continue to move forward.
No one did anything right the first time.
And it may take you several times of doing and making adjustments to get the results you want.
It's important to take time to increase your knowledge base.
You can do this by attending a seminar at least 2 times a year, learning from a spiritual leader, taking a class, hiring a mentor or coach, reading and making yourself as valuable as possible doing what you love.
"The only reason you don't accomplish your dreams is because of the same bullshit story you keep telling yourself why you can't do it.
" Anthony Robbins
Your best asset is you.
Are you a good investment?
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