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Seductive Secrets - How to Make Him Wild With Desire

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Do you want to make him wild with desire? Have you found your man and want to make him realize you're the one for him? Do you want him but don't want to come across as a fling? It's easy to make him wild with desire and ensure he sees you as a serious girlfriend rather than a fling.
Firstly you need to get noticed and a great way to achieve this is flirting.
Play with your hair as you look over at him and give him a seductive smile, then put your shades on and look the other way.
This will drive him crazy! This guy's ego is doing somersaults right now, how good have you just made him feel.
Now move on to the next stage - be slightly aloof.
Sure, you want him, and after your flirt attack he knows that too.
To avoid seeming trashy, make yourself a little less available than he believes you to be.
Maybe pick up your phone and start talking as he walks over, or start reading a magazine.
He's over at your table now.
Pretend not to notice, finish reading your article or continue the phone call for a few moments longer.
Don't make him stand there too long, remember your aim is to make him wild with desire! You don't want to make him feel like a fool for approaching you.
Look up, and seem pleasantly surprised to see him there.
Smile, be nice, don't come across as too predatory.
Let him lead the conversation.
Keep up with the hair twiddling while you speak.
You want him to find you attractive but also to see you as the kind of girl he'd stay with for the long term so power down the flirting slightly once you're actually talking to the guy.
This guy is about to ask for your number.
Take his instead.
Call him later on that day, say you've been thinking about him and would love to meet up again.
Let him suggest the time and venue for the date so he still feels in control of the situation - very important for the average guy.
Finally if you want to make him wild with desire, make him wait.
Do not sleep with him on the first date.
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