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How to Clean a Buffalo Robe

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    • 1). Hang your buffalo robe on a large rack or sturdy clothesline as close to an electrical outlet as possible, keeping the hairy portion easily accessible. You can hang the buffalo robe outside or inside.

      Set up your vacuum cleaner so that it blows air through a hose rather than sucks.

    • 2). Plug your vacuum cleaner into the electrical outlet. Use an extension cord if needed. If using a leaf blower, prepare it for use.

    • 3). Turn on your vacuum cleaner or leaf blower. Run the vacuum cleaner's or leaf blower's nozzle over the hairy portion of the buffalo robe, blowing dust and debris from the hair.

      If desired, you can turn off the vacuum cleaner or leaf blower, turn the robe over so that the underside is accessible and blow dust and debris from the underside.

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