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Underfloor Heating - Pros and Cons

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The Pros There are plenty of reasons why you should consider an underfloor heating.
This form of heating was seen in luxury developments at some point of time but came with a high price tag but today's homeowner can have this luxury at very affordable prices.
Some of the reasons to consider underfloor heating.
- Saves room space as it is laid under the floor.
Rooms look bigger and spacious.
- It is virtually maintenance free, if you install it properly.
- You don't need radiators anymore and it helps reduce circulation of dust and other allergens.
- Helps reduce energy consumption by 15%, but this may vary from house to house.
The Cons Though not commonly pointed on websites there are some drawbacks of underfloor heating.
The most common being - If you want to install underfloor heating under an existing floor you have to rip the floor up and relay the concrete and pipe work, which means a lot of work to start with.
- The boiler needs to constantly turned on to maintain the floor at a desired temperature.
If you turn off the boiler it takes ages for floor to get warm again.
- As with all new technologies nobody really knows if this form of heating will really be efficient 10 years from now.
- You will also need a bit of spare space for a separate pump and a manifold.
The size of the manifold depends on how much pipe work you have under the floors but you will need an empty space quite close to your boiler.
- One should be careful with spilled water close to costly wooden furniture.
Heat and vaporized water can damage your furniture.
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