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What Is the File Extension .NB7?

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    • Nb7 files are created by the software program NovaBackup, which is developed and sold by NovaStor.


    • A file with the .nb7 file extension is known as a NovaBackup Output file.


    • Nb7 files contain data that you have elected to back up using NovaBackup. This means that each .nb7 file contains a replica of all or a piece of a file saved on your hard drive.


    • One feature of .nb7 files that set their contents apart from other types of backup programs is that NovaBackup gives you the flexibility to divide large files into chunks with each chunk being saved in its own .nb7 file. The size of the chunks is determined by opening the "Devices" option from the "Settings" menu.


    • Like other programs, NovaBackup's .nb7 files protect you or your business in case of a data loss due to system failures or viruses. Nb7 files provide the added benefit of a flexible file size, which can help you fit more files onto the CD, DVD, Zip disc or external hard drive that you are using to house your backup files.

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