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How to Start a Flower Bed

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    • 1). Finding the right location for your flowerbed is the first step. Choose your location according to the flowers you would like to grow. Full sun is necessary for many flower varieties, while others thrive in partial sun or shade. Of course, if space in your yard is limited, you will have to choose your flowers according to conditions of the area you have to available to work with. So long as you choose your plants carefully to suit the conditions, a beautiful flower bed can be planted most anywhere.

    • 2). Digging the flowerbed is next, and starting small is the best idea for the beginner. You can always expand later as you gain experience by managing your smaller flower garden. Turning over the soil in your plot to a depth of at least 6 inches is necessary, whether done by hand with a spade or with a rototiller. Adding some organic matter to the soil as you loosen it is a great way to give your new flowerbed a boost, such as old leaves, sphagnum moss, or peat. Turning the soil in the fall for a spring planting is ideal for richest soil, but the job can be done in the early spring also, about a month before you would like to begin planting.

    • 3). Planning the placement of your flowers and planting them is the final step in starting your flowerbed. Arrange your plants where all can be seen and enjoyed, making sure that taller plants aren't placed where they will overshadow smaller ones. If your flowerbed is located against a fence or building, arranging the tallest flowers at the rear and shortest at the front is likely to be the best way to go, while a flowerbed that is seen from all sides may be better arranged with the tallest plants at its center.

    • 4). Once these steps are completed, watering, weeding, and maintenance are all that your flowerbed will need to thrive. The first year may not be perfect, but have patience. Generally, a new flowerbed can be expected to reach its full potential by the second season of growth, the soil becoming rich and in great condition to nurture your new flowers.

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