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Best Ways to Stop Ejaculating Too Fast During Sex and Massively Improving Sexual Stamina

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To satisfy a woman in bed you need to last long enough to bring her to an orgasm.
Of course that sounds easy until you realize that women take up to ten times longer than you to reach an orgasm.
To keep her happy in bed and make you feel a whole lot more manly you need to train yourself to stop ejaculating to fast.
In a moment I will show you two great ways to stop ejaculating to fast but first, if you feel that you need help in delaying your ejaculations you should try not to think about it.
The more it is on your mind the more it can affect your sexual performance.
Here are two ways to stop ejaculating to fast.
The first is over the counter products such as sprays and creams for delaying ejaculation.
The great thing about these is that they give you ten minutes extra at the minimum.
They are cheap and effective but I would only use them if your situation is really bad.
I mean who knows if there will be any long term side effects.
The second way to stop ejaculating to fast is to distract yourself when you feel ready to blow.
For sure this is easier said than done, try to think of something that won't turn you on, a hobby maybe or a movie.
This should buy you some time for the ejaculating feeling to pass.
There are tons of ways that you can stop ejaculating to fast some are pretty weird like acupuncture (ouch).
Personally I used a natural ejaculation trainer and it worked just fine.
Remember don't let your quest to stop ejaculating to fast ruin your life, it is easily sorted and before you know it you will be in total command of your ejaculation.
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