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How to Repair a Versace Watch

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    Within the Warranty Period

    • 1). Locate your Versace watch's International Warranty and insert the warranty number in the "Verify your Warranty" tab. Select "Go" to check the validity of the warranty. The International Warranty is valid for two years after the purchase date.

    • 2). Call an authorized Versace Precious Items Retailer. Contact information can be found in the Versace Customer Service document provided in the Resources section or by clicking the first link in the References section. If you click on the link in the References section, the link to the PDF reads "Download Customer Service Network."

    • 3). Ask the retailer its specific policy on watch repairs and describe the work that is required on your watch.

    • 4). Submit your watch to the authorized Versace Precious Items Retailer in your current country even if you purchased the watch in another listed country.

    After the Warranty Period

    • 1). Fill out and submit the Saltzman's Service Submission Form. The form asks for your personal contact information and for details about the watch and its condition. See the Resource section for the Service Submission Form.

    • 2). Purchase a mailing envelope or small box reinforced with bubble wrap.

    • 3). Insert the watch and the completed form into the mailing envelope, and mail it to the address listed at the top of the Service Submission Form. Saltzman's will contact you with a response with a repair estimate within 24 hours after receiving the watch.

    • 4). Approve the estimate for the repair and arrange a form of payment. You will receive your fixed watch within two to three weeks.

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