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How to Pack Cosmetics in Luggage

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    • 1). Use the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) website to review the types of items that are not allowed to be packed in both carry-on and check-in luggage (see Resources). Eliminate any cosmetics that fall into this category.

    • 2). Decide which cosmetics must be taken with you versus those that can be purchased at your destination. The less you have to contend with, the less likely you are to run into problems.

    • 3). Choose travel-size bottles of liquid or cream toiletries like shampoo or conditioner, non-aerosol hairspray, moisturizer and sunscreen that must be packed in carry on luggage. Such items are limited to nothing larger than a 3.4 oz. size and must be sealed together within a 1 qt. zip-top plastic bag. Larger bottles of cosmetic items may go in checked luggage.

    • 4). Pack trial-size bars of soap or disposable cleansing cloths and solid deodorants instead of liquid and cream items for carry-on luggage. Leave items in their original, sealed containers, if possible, for easy review at security checkpoints.

    • 5). Opt for non-liquid or cream cosmetics such as powder foundations, blush sticks, tint tubes and mineral jars whenever possible. These items generally come in acceptable containers that won't break easily and can be included in carry-on luggage if they fit within the 1 qt. zip-top plastic bag.

    • 6). Place acceptable cosmetic items that come in glass bottles, like nail polish or non-aerosol perfumes, into unbreakable containers before packing them, according to acceptable standards, for either carry-on or check-in luggage.

    • 7). Put wand items like lipsticks and mascaras into the 1 qt. zip-top plastic bag, if space allows. While some of them may be allowed outside of the bag, it is better to be safe than sorry.

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