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Places to Buy a Soft Top for a KIA Sportage

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    Kia Dealers

    • For Kia owners who expect the best service and replacement parts officially endorsed by the manufacturer, a trip to the local Kia dealer may be in order. Most dealers sport a well-stocked service department, and many have replacement soft tops readily available (those that do not have soft tops in stock can order them directly from the manufacturer). Original equipment manufacturers, or OEM as they are known in automotive circles, offer genuine parts designed specifically to directly replace vehicle components, and most OEM parts are indistinguishable from the parts found on new vehicles. While Kia dealers may be the source for the most authentic soft tops, though, they (like most dealerships) may also be the most expensive; OEM parts generally cost considerably more than their aftermarket counterparts, so budget-conscious Kia owners may consider other options.

    Aftermarket Retailers

    • Although Kia dealers are the only official channels through which consumers can purchase Kia-branded products, many owners turn to aftermarket equipment suppliers for lower prices and wider selections. While dealerships offer OEM soft top replacements that are identical to the original soft tops, aftermarket suppliers offer tops in an array of styles, colors, and materials. In addition, these parts are often priced considerably lower than their OEM counterparts, with one supplier offering a Kia Sportage soft top for around $355 with free shipping (as of August, 2009). Aftermarket parts are not subject to the same strict quality controls as official Kia parts, so their reliability is not guaranteed by Kia; in most cases, however the aftermarket tops carry some form of warranty from their own manufacturer or supplier.

    On-line Auctions

    • Sportage owners who do not have easy access to a Kia dealership or who want to browse a wide selection of aftermarket soft tops may consider on-line auction houses. Designed to allow individuals to sell their used or unwanted new products, many online auction sites also see a number of dealers and retailers offering items from their own selections. As a result, online auction sites offer a wide array of both new and used suppliers, and Kia Sportage soft tops are readily available in a wide array of styles, colors, materials, and other options. Online auctions should always be approached with caution, however, as the sites offer less purchase protection than aftermarket retailers and soft top quality may be significantly different from OEM tops. Still, owners who want a wide selection at affordable prices may find online auctions to offer myriad choices.

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