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How to Check a 220 Dryer Plug

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    • 1). Look at the dial on your multimeter and set it to AC voltage. Use the AC voltage setting that has a maximum voltage closest to the outlet you are testing. For example, if you are testing a 220 volt outlet, set it to the first setting that is over 220.

    • 2). Place one lead of the multimeter in the upper left terminal. This is one of the hot terminals.

    • 3). Place the other lead of the multimeter in the upper right terminal. This is the other hot terminal.

    • 4). Look at the screen of the multimeter to see the voltage readout. Most acceptable tolerances are plus or minus 10 percent of designed voltage. For 220 volts, that's 198 to 242 volts.

    • 5). Remove the leads one at a time from the outlet. Do not allow them to touch each other.

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