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Excessive Sweating - Cures For Excessive Underarm Sweating

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Finding a cure for excessive underarm sweating is quite difficult, especially if you don't want to go down the surgery route.
If you make the trip to your local doctors, they'll most likely examine you for any underlying healthy conditions.
But it'll probably turn out that you have hyperhidrosis, which isn't life threatening.
Then they'll most likely recommend you go through with some kind of expensive surgery, such as Botox.
Whilst Botox surgery has a high success rate, it's expensive, and there other effective cures for excessive sweating that don't cost the world.
Cures For Excessive Underarm Sweating Now the most obvious cures for underarm sweating is using an antiperspirant.
But most people make the mistake of picking an antiperspirant with no aluminum chloride.
While regular antiperspirants may work for mild cases of hyperhidrosis.
It's best to get one containing a high level of aluminum chloride.
Aluminum chloride blocks the sweat glands, so the sweat can't get through.
You apply the solution at night time when your underarms are dry.
Then simply wash off in the morning.
The only downside to this is it burns and it can be hard to drop off to sleep.
After you've used it every night for a week or so, you can cut down to maybe 3 times a week, then eventually once a week.
You have to be careful with the solution though, as it may stain clothes.
You can also be very selective about what you wear.
You can opt to wear looser clothing that will make the air flow better around your body, thus keeping you cooler.
And you can wear dark or light clothing to try and mash any sweat patches that may appear.
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