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Can an Easy Website Builder Write Content?

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No easy website builder can write true content.
They can hunt down articles and blogs and provide them for your research.
However, it cannot write true and original content in your style.
Writing original and true content is the foundation for web site success.
Content is very important to get traffic and maintain that traffic for your site.
True referrals will trigger new and repeat visitors to your site.
That is a complex combination of increased exposure to search engines and providing valuable and good quality back link to you.
Content will provide your visitors with useful information they are seeking.
The more original and valuable your information is the more your respect will grow in the internet community.
No Easy website builder can help you here.
Your site is like an off site storefront and customers come and transact business there.
This is where you make money.
Customers have to see the store first.
Visibility is the important issue here.
There are millions of websites.
There is absolutely no visibility in the internet if you do not do something about it.
You can build a very beautiful and functional website but it may be in the thousandth page by default.
You need to promote it to come up in the first three pages eventually.
You should aim for one to three month period to rank in one of the first three pages.
People should find you on the internet.
Shoppers can go to a store only if they see one.
We call this visibility.
If your store is tucked away in a corner of an alley on a side street, how can people see you? This is the same principle online or offline.
An easy website builder cannot create visibility for you by itself.
First time traffic cannot know what you have on your website.
Only after they come in they will be able to access your inventory.
They will then decide whether to come back or not.
Online your website is where customers will come and look.
If they do not find what they are looking for they will leave.
It is as simple as that.
If no customer comes in you have a bigger problem.
In addition, if a good number of customers come and leave you have a different problem.
You need to check your content.
On the other hand, your order process is not user friendly.
There may be many reasons.
Only a human can find out why.
Again, no easy website builder can help here.
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